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Individual Care

Prenatal care starts with one-on-one visits with a midwife or a physician. This allows for time to discuss important early tests, complete a medical history, and perform a physical exam. Individual care can continue as an option instead of group care or will be organized if any concerns in the pregnancy arise. In the individual care stream, one-on-one visits continue throughout your pregnancy.

Regardless of the care stream you choose, your care providers support women’s choice. This includes choice of birth place at home or hospital, for low-risk, healthy mothers. Timely, direct access to your care provider in labour or during an emergency is available. One-on-one support in active labour, allows your care providers to guide and reassure you and your support people throughout your journey of labour and birth.

Individual care continues after the birth with a home visit in the early newborn period to assist with breastfeeding and to provide support during this transitional time. Further visits will be done in the clinic at individual appointments or drop-in group visits.

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