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Group Prenatal Care

You may choose to receive prenatal and postpartum care in a one-on-one or group setting. In the first 24 weeks of pregnancy all women will attend individual visits, this allows for time to discuss important early tests, complete a medical history and perform a physical exam. Group sessions begin approximately half way through the pregnancy and extend into the newborn period. The group sessions,which run for 2 hours, are facilitated by a maternity care provider and a childbirth educator, and also include some one-to-one time with a care provider. If any personal issues arise, further individual visits will be available. The groups are fun and exciting, creating a dynamic learning environment and enabling time for discussion and questions. You will be introduced to some of the excellent community resources available in our area.

Most parents find they learn as much from other particpants in the group as they do from their care providers. Women find that coming together creates a strong sense of community and support as they share the experience of pregnancy and parenthood. Participating in group care is an excellent way to meet other families, to feel connected and to build relationships that will be part of your community for years to come.

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